Charge Smart: The Secrets to Getting the MOST out of your Battery!

Charge Smart: The Secrets to Getting the MOST out of your Battery!

What do vapers, smokers, and Netflix bingers all have in common? We all hate dead batteries! Whether you’re busy with a remote, your cell phone, dabbing off your electric wax vaporizer or putting on puffs with your powerful vape mod, we’ve all gone through the disappointment of expecting satisfaction and seeing that battery low light. Here are the tips, tricks, and secrets of our team at MiVapeCo. to prevent battery hangups and to safely charge and maintain your batteries in your devices!

We’ve seen our fair share of wear and tear with batteries in our shops. From worn out wrappings and corroded metals to burnt out disposables, there’s more than one way a battery can go south in any vape or smoke device. Despite the varied ways they come packaged or are utilized in your devices, there are some basic core rules you can apply to any battery-operated device to keep it charging fast and safe to use! 

Starting off, being aware and attuned to the state of your battery is important. This can be easier when your batteries are built into your device, but for those with less visibility, regular checking and maintenance prevents buildup of any potential debris and keeps your batteries in a safe to use state! Being aware of the state of your batteries before and during use can prevent injury and damage to your device. When in doubt, if something feels off or wrong with your device, go with your gut and cease use until you can confirm your device is good to go again! Excess heat, auto-firing, or leaking and corrosive batteries are a sure sign that something is not going as planned with your vape device and should be examined. It is always better to disengage and disable an unsafe device than to try to tinker with it or continue use.

To avoid circumstances that might damage your batteries, we recommend never to leave your device unattended, or in areas without regulated temperatures. Take your vape with you where you go, it might not be built to endure getting left behind! Our team strongly recommends avoiding any storage in your vehicle for long periods of time. Doing so risks exposing your batteries to freezing and scorching temperatures of the elements that it won’t be able to handle! 

Once you’ve ensured that your battery is safe to use and safe to charge, we can get into the best open secrets to optimizing your battery usage: intuitive charging. For small batteries or built-in batteries, we always recommend the tried and true method of maintaining your battery at a regular charge of 50% and above, and allowing a full charge cycle (to 100%) for the times it reaches below that. When we approach bigger batteries, like the fan-favorite 18650 Hohm–Life Battery (used by vapers and smokers alike!), we recommend approaching with the 40-80 rule. The 40-80 rule is the way to maximize the lifespan of your battery by limiting the damage of its output. By not discharging below 40% and not overcharging above 80%, the battery operates in its best window of usage without over-performance, and can extend battery life cycles by 200 charge cycles! Intuitive charging helps maintain ANY device, smoke or vape, helps battery longevity and insures that quality you love. 

If your device utilizes a pair of rechargeable batteries like Hohm-Life, it's important to keep them together! Batteries that charge together and power together will be more effective at distributing usage and charging evenly in their bays. The union of batteries is called marrying batteries, and there’s plenty of proof that married pairs last longer together than their single counterparts! Married batteries charge on the same cycle and are used in the same cycle, and our staff always recommends to stock in pairs to guarantee longevity and quality in any device.  

With intentional charging, keeping safety in mind, and pairing when you can, you can double (and in some cases triple!) the life cycle and the production quality of the batteries in your vape. By committing to caring for your batteries, you can be like our team of experts and vape and smoke like a pro today!

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