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Percentage or Per mL? Making Sense of Nicotine Strengths


It can be tough to navigate the world of vape, especially for newcomers and new quitters! Among the matters of finding your ideal vape device, preferred coils, and favorite flavors of juices, narrowing down your perfect concentration of nicotine can be tricky business to the uninformed. Here at MiVapeCo., we’re always happy to share the knowledge we’ve cultivated in the industry to guide you to the best vaping experience around! Explore with us the ways to make sense of displayed concentrations and find out what’s right for you!

There are two common ways that you will find pre-mixed nicotine measured in e-liquid: percentage by weight, or concentration of mg per mL. Percentage by weight can be commonly seen on disposables or filled pods, like JUUL, to indicate how much nicotine makes up their total fill of juice for the various-sized options on the market. Where percentage for weight is a popular indicator for prefilled vaping, mg per mL is how nearly all of our juice brands express their concentration! Mg per mL depictions make it easy to to calculate how much nicotine you consume as a whole, or per session! Follow along with the sample below, starring some of our house favorites, to understand the breakdown of how percentage and mL look in use, and how to calculate your consumption to suit your needs!

mi vape co breeze pro disposable nicotine image

Everyone enjoys a refreshing Breeze, and their disposables are some of our most-sought items on our shelves! At 5.0% strength concentration of nicotine, Breeze Pro delivers 50mg per ml and packs a flavorful punch and satisfying buzz to its vapers! When you consume one full disposable, satisfaction is guaranteed with that potent nicotine concentration. While other brands might vary in the mL offered as a whole, 5% generally explains how much of those mL consist of nicotine.

If you want to ease up your nicotine consumption, we recommend checking out the dosage options available in sub-ohm juices instead, which can help you gauge how much you consume as you fill your favorite tank with universal mg/mL conversions. For example, our Chain Vapez e-liquid line offers strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg per mL. With 3mg/mL being our most popular choice among vapers here, tank vaping can bring satisfaction with a much lower percentage of 0.3%! If you use a 3mg/mL bottle of Chain Vapez Sour Diesel to fill up a 5.5mL tank, like our popular Zeus Tank from Geekvape, you would consume only 16.5 mg of nicotine per tank fill! With lower dosing, you can pace your nicotine consumption and monitor how much you consume per milliliter, which might vary from disposable to disposable. 

We recommend all vapers join us on our journey to a cigarette-free, nicotine-free world and leave behind the vague ways to indicate your quitting journey. Ditch the smoke and opt for some of our favorite juices and tanks to start vaping YOUR way online or in-store today!

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